Our trip to Beijing, China - October 23,24 (lose a day traveling) -- October 31, 2007

Leaving the hotel room for a day of sightseeing

Pavillions around the lake on the hotel grounds

Hotel lobby -- that's a jade bouquet

Serious laquerware vase - only wood is the medallion on the front.

Lion guarding entrance to Forbidden City. It's a female because her paw is on a cub.

Walking through Forbidden City - starting at Tianamen Square across the street, about 2 1/2 miles!! We took a taxi back to the car.....

During the time of the Forbidden City, these were placed all around the grounds, filled with water in case of fire.

We made it a good way up the Great Wall, but that is a steep, steep climb!!

One of the boats transporting people across the lake at the Summer Palace. It was a foggy day, but beautiful.

The number of creatures on the edge of the roof indicated the status of the person who lived there, always an odd number.

Peking Duck in Peking (Beijing). Every Duck is cut into 108 slices... every single one.

Owen getting fitted for a custom suit & jacket

She's opening silk cocoons under water, then stretching the silk strands over a hoop to dry.

Shopping, bargaining, isn't as easy as you think!

Wall to wall silk fabric - wow! Brought some home too.

Getting ready to show at the first AKC rules Min Schnauzer Specialty

Owen had 20 very nice puppies in Sweeps.

There was an entry of 61 in regular classes, but a few didn't make it because of heavy fog at the airports the day before.

These are just a few of the photos we took.

One of the many nice MS

Another nice MS

Best in Sweeps

Best in Specialty

We all love Min Schnauzers!!

Min Schnauzer Play Day

Play Day didn't interfere with the show at all, and all the dogs were having a ball running around the field.

Then they had MS races -- what a hoot!!

Yes, we all love our Min Schnauzers!

Agility on the other part of the field, just like home - almost.

The little pig did agility too!!! Note painted pink toes!!!

These were the most flavorful, crisp, juicy apples!! What kind are they??

City dogs going for a walk.

Our wonderful hosts, Sonny and his wife Suny, at our last breakfast - they can relax at last!!
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