Our trip to Shanghai, China - February 25 (lose a day traveling) --March 6, 2009

This trip, we stayed in a modern Shanghai hotel

The view from our window - a park within a big city - and looking back, our hotel among the high rise buildings

The first day, we watched a Poodle grooming contest at the VNU Pet Fair Exhibition

Tony Lee acted as our host - We met Tony many years ago when he worked for Carol Garmaker. Tony and his wife.

Meet the Breeds at the Pet Fair.... with some colorful participants!!

Their concessions looked very familiar

The next two days, Terri Lyddon and I judged the VNU Exhibitions dog show.

The Min Schnauzers were very well groomed (and well loved!). We saw a lovely young Min Schnauzer boy who won Puppy Best in Show

An adult Siberian Husky female eventually won Open Best In Show

The next day, we toured Zhouzhuang, a famous "water town" near Shanghai that was built during the 11th century

People traveled more by boat than by foot, and the city was connected by 14 bridges over their waterways

This kitchen stove was beautifully decorated

School rooms haven't changed much, but there are chairs for the parents to sit and watch

Family history told on a copper wall, little gardens decorated with sculpture

We certainly were in China!

The next day, we visited the Oriental Pearl TV Tower -- looking out from the viewing station

The top of the tower is 1,536 feet high

Downstairs, the Pearl Tower had a wonderful historical museum

Dried fish, anyone?

We thought maybe this was a baby steam bath??

This was an amazing gold bridal sedan!

Looks like they used old jars, maybe cracked? as stone

Long before digital cameras!!

Then we visited the Giant Flower Tree sculpture

Our dog show host, the "Naughty Family" company complex

Part of the "Naughty Family" pet store

One room in their very modern veterinary hospital

The next day Terri & I went shopping. We had fun bargaining for beautiful Pashmina-Silk scarves.

Bargaining takes nerves - and being willing to walk away

So much to look at, so little time....

Terri & I rested with the elephant for a moment

Center court, just one section of the Yuyuan Bazaar

Even Owen got involved shopping. Here's my "Cartier" watch .. (cartier with a small "c") But it still is running.....

Discussing the extensive menus always took time

Dessert was usually fruit, often including watermelon. And they tended to use beans (there is a shaved ice interior) instead of sugary sweets.

One of the few sweets were these Green Tea Rice Balls with a buttery coconut liquid inside. Green Tea, healthy, right? They were yummy!

Owen got proficient with his chopsticks, even eating peanuts one at a time

We enjoyed dinner with our friend Sonny Wang too

We stopped at McD's for a diet Coke while shopping... Would you believe red bean fried pie? At first glance, the picture looked just like our cherry pie...
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